Grant Opportunities

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We fund energy education experts and those who can partner with them to engage Illinois residents

Our funding focuses on accomplishing our mission of furthering energy literacy and engagement. We encourage applications from creative non-profits capable of experimenting with new ways of reaching consumers, moving them from passivity about energy use to active engagement, interest, and changes in behavior.

The task of smart grid consumer engagement is layered–it can involve a range of approaches including leveraging trusted community relationships; education about demand response programs and benefits; promoting engagement through new technology tools and solutions; and creative visuals and graphics that communicate smart meter benefits through familiar language and concepts. We are particularly interested in engaging low-income and senior populations and programs the support the unique needs of these populations. Our funding priorities reflect what we’d like to see from organizations seeking funds.

For smart metering to be a success, consumers must be engaged before, during, and after their smart meter installation. Our funding supports these engagement nodes through two programs.

Education, research and outreach grants fund organizations and sub-organizations working on direct outreach, literacy, research, and design efforts related to smart meter consumer engagement.

Small grants range from $5,000-$15,000, and are for organizations that may not have educational or smart grid expertise, but can gather an audience for larger outreach organizations in a partnership facilitated by ISEIF.